October 30, 2015

The Habit of Prayer

I do not think that there is one person on the entire planet that ever feels like they pray enough.  
I know I don't.  

There is no wrong place or time to pray.  There is no wrong position to pray from... kneeling, standing, sitting, lying down, driving with your eyes open or head bowed in a pew.  The problem is that we just don't do it.  We are bombarded from the moment we wake up in the morning with the crazy.  I love this quote from C. S. Lewis...

We need to find that time and place to be quiet and spend time connecting with God but like Lewis says here it needs to be constant all day and not just once or twice a day.

Prayer is about relationship and communication with God.  We pray in order to build that relationship.  He knows all of the things we are going to say but He uses all of it to shape us to look more like Jesus.  You wouldn't only talk to your spouse when you are in trouble so why do we only talk to God when we are in trouble?  God wants to be the FIRST on our list when we need to talk to someone.

The Jesus Habits gives a great list entitled...

What Are the Enemies of the Habit of Prayer?

*  Praying for the wrong reasons
*  Praying while hanging onto sin
*  Praying when you have had a closed Bible
*  Praying but not believing God will answer
*  Praying with God not being number one
*  Praying with hypocrisy
*  Praying with an unforgiving spirit
*  Praying while there is conflict in your marriage
*  Praying without being a Christian
*  Prayers that never get offered

This is the abbreviated list but there is more explanation and detail with each item listed.

There is also a list on 

Making Prayer a Habit

*  Choose to pray; don't wait until you feel like it
*  Make prayer a part of your day, not just a set time
*  Pray scripture back to God
*  Decide never to make a major decision without praying about it first
*  Pray before leaving your home in the morning
*  Confess sin immediately
*  Try different positions for prayer - standing, sitting, kneeling, on your face...
*  Keep it simple
*  Never give up. Keep on praying.
*  Expect answers

It has lots of great information on how Jesus habits can be implemented in our daily lives.

Here are some resources on prayer to encourage and help you to find more time to pray.  I am certainly not the expert but other people have shared some great stuff online that we can all glean from.  

Have you seen the movie War Room?  There is a book by Priscilla Shirer that is connected to the movie, too.  It is called Fervent.  Prayer strategies for women...

Do you have regular prayer time each day?

Do you have a prayer closet or "war room" in your home?

Do you keep a prayer journal?

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