October 31, 2015

Finishing October with Family Photos

I made it...

I made it to the end of October and to the end of the Write 31 Days Challenge.  

This post is a little bit late because our Saturday blew up!

The Habit of Taking Pictures is represented by this post because I try to take at least one every day.

I thought I would give the brain a bit of a rest and just share some October photos with you guys.  I know my mom would surely want to see some since she reminds me all the time of how she NEVER gets to see pictures.  LOL  

So, here they are...

Senior Night... last home game of the season.  She loves her Daddy!

Twin Day at school for Red Ribbon Week

Throwback Day - 1940's for one and uniform day for JROTC for the other.

Nerd Day!

More Senior Night

Dress to Impress Day

Halloween costumes... Bane (the mask is coming from a friend when he gets to school)
 and Portrait of Dorian Gray 

Another Portrait of Dorian Gray

Just because I love her!  

There was a lot of Senior and Band stuff this month and she is tired!  LOL

Someone else had a birthday this month...

No photos of him... there was a birthday box sent and lots of conversations but no photos today.

22 years now!

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