December 02, 2015

Working on the Bullet Journal again

I have joined (loosely) the Plan With Me Challenge for December.

I am making some decisions about my bullet journal for the coming year and want to try some things out before we get there.  I am close to the end of this particular Moleskine journal, too, so there is a new one on it's way soon.  I printed the list and have my calendar already in progress and I am loading it up as things get added to my schedule.  

As for my setup...

I start every month with a printed calendar so I can have that visual and then I write out the list version to the right of it.  

From there I add:

*  Menu plans
* Grocery lists
* Other shopping lists
*  To do around the house lists
*  Books that I want to look for when I have money and time
*  Movies I want to add to our list to watch
*  Crochet projects I want to work on
*  Habit lists
*  Daily to do and checklists
*  Bible study plans and notes from sermons
* Scripture memory verses
*  Quotes from books read and article notes
*  Books in the queue to review (which I am currently behind on because... life!)

Working on other things for the new year like budgeting pages, exercise and food trackers, clothing I need to replace list, big project planning lists, etc...

For the month of December I am doing a 16 Before 2016 list, too.

Want to see more about setting up a bullet journal from a great blogger on this topic?  Check out Boho Berry as she shares her stuff with us!

Other bloggers who run this project each month include Tiny Ray of Sunshine  and Pretty Prints and Paper

How are you preparing for the year ahead?  

Do you have a special journal or planner you use to get you 
through the holidays and into a new year?

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  1. I've been using mine since September, but want to take Christmas vacation to rethink how I'm using it. To be honest, I don't have a lot of outside the house appointments to track. But I need a household tracker, menu planner and some sort of inspiration section. We'll see.