January 29, 2016

Well, that month just flew by!

January started with a bang and then just flew right by me but not before I made a few goals and worked on a few projects so I thought I would jump in and share a few things that went on in January.

First of all, my word for the year... 2016... is healing.  No, really.... that is the one I got.  I have no idea where this will take me but I am embracing it.  

This is somewhat ironic since I started the year sick.  I have been sick for almost the entire month and finally started a course of antibiotics just yesterday to rid myself of this plague.  It started as an innocent cold that sent me to bed for a few days and then kinda snowballed from there.  This is typical of most people with autoimmune issues.  Illnesses that take most people a few days from which to recover take me about one to three weeks and I often wind up on an antibiotic to kick it.

In the midst of sickness, though, I was able to do some fun new dishes in the kitchen to start the new year and I knocked out a few crochet projects.  I also did some cleaning and clearing in anticipation of some more work on the house soon.  We are on the list for repairs with our "guy" so that we will, hopefully, have some new living space soon as well as some repairs and paint on damaged areas around the outside from last summer's hail damage.

So, I know you came for the photos.... here are some crochet things I have done.

This was a gift for my cousin

This was the first one I did using this pattern and 
I really love how it turned out so I did more for gifts for Christmas.

A set I will be giving away in another post.... so stay tuned!

My pale purple bobble hat made with this pattern 
which is a free Ravelry download 
and it works up very quickly!

another quick cowl

This was my very first triangle shawl and it is cozy warm!

another view... I LOVE these colors!

a heart coaster for a friend who ADORES orange

a Valentine Sock Monkey cozy for my girlie

A daisy heart dishcloth (there will be more of these)

I will share more on some goals and some things I have put into play since the new year started.  I know it is late but it is never too late to make changes.  I got a little carried away working in my Bullet Journal on all of the new year stuff but missed sharing it here.  It is coming...

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