February 19, 2016

A new toy for me...

I have recently been on a search for the perfect cooker. I had two crock pots that worked brilliantly for years but over time they have begun to wear out and parts have begun breaking so I started the search for a new replacement.  

I mentioned to a friend that I was looking and she asked if I had ever considered a multicooker.  I was intrigued.  I had never heard of this thing of which she was speaking before.  I was at her home one day and they were doing a demo on television and she showed it to me.  As I left that afternoon I was rolling the idea around in my head when she sent me a message that she had purchased one for me.... in purple!  It took about a week to arrive and I have been using it almost daily since.  I think she had some ulterior motive here...  LOL  I take her jambalaya on a regular basis these days so that was one of the first things I tried.  Before you ask... I have already taken her a batch.

I have made jambalaya, pork tenderloin, chicken and veggies, yogurt, and a casserole in it.  I know they have several on the market but the one I have is from evine.com and it is the Cook's Companion brand.  She is a beauty...

So far so good.... I will be using it several times a week to try out new things.  My family is certainly not complaining.  It is super easy to use and has a small booklet of recipes to get you started.  I am not trying to sell it and I don't endorse things for their company but it is just a joy bringer in our home I just thought I would mention it.



There are a couple of things to remember when using items like this.  Use plastic and rubber utensils so you will not scratch the surface of the cooker.  Always unplug it before any cleaning is done.  I hand wash all the removable parts and especially the lid.  I have sent lids through the dishwasher before but it wears out the plastic parts and can sometimes rust the metal because of the harshness of dishwasher soaps.

I cannot wait to try more recipes using this and hopefully, I can share some more things with you as I explore the possibilities.

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  1. hmm.. my crockpot (from our wedding 18+ years ago) has never worked quite right. Well, it works but the food never comes out right. Either over done or under done. Broth is the only thing it is good for, other than just keeping food warm for several hours. In a conversation with a friend I realized it's probably the PLASTIC lid that's the problem. I should bite the bullet and buy another one but I hate to spend money on something that won't work for us.