August 01, 2016

More Change = More Stress Ahead!

Mt. Rushmore - Summer 2016

As another month begins I am living with a constant knot in my stomach!  There has been a LOT of change this summer and we are not done.  I mentioned before that there was a graduation and a wedding and then we had a giant trip to 8 different states over a month's time.  After that we have had a diagnosis of congestive heart failure for one parent and a failed bypass valve with another.  I am done with drastic!  Middle boy has started back with summer band for high school and he will be a junior this year.  We have a girlie leaving for college in 13 days and neither one of us is feeling ready yet.  I may never.... children leaving is just hard.  I am, however, so very excited for what lies ahead for her.

With a new month comes new goals and plans and August is especially full of those kinds of things. Once we get girlie settled we head straight back to prepare here for the start of another school year and the hubby going back to work full time.  I am looking forward to some structure and routine again.  Summers always make me feel discombobulated!

I have books that have been started to finish and new books to begin.  A new Bible study is beginning on August 29th with Love God Greatly and my book has already been ordered.  There are cleaning projects that have been in progress all summer that will continue.  I have a ton of photos of the changes around here. There is furniture to move and some to give away. I have lined up some painting projects and photo sorting projects to keep me busy come August 22nd when I have an empty house again.  Oh, and there are always new menus to plan and a new schedule to coordinate.

I am hoping to be here more... to write more... to share more.  It is in the list of goals for a new semester.

There are also eating and exercise changes coming for me.  It may sound harsh but as I have watched our aging parents struggling with health issues this summer I have determined in my own mind that I will make my future different by being attentive now to the things that can keep me strong and healthy as I age.  I cannot stop everything but I can stop some of it.  The kids and I have all had doctors appointments, dentist appointments and vision testing for new glasses so that is behind us come this Friday.

Dan has been diligent in getting much of his stuff done this summer in regards to his health.  I am grateful that he is concerned with that.  I have watched as others in our family have not been so thoughtful of their loved ones.  It is important to care for one's own health in order to spare such stress to those around us.  You cannot take care of those around you if you don't put your own "oxygen mask" on in a plane emergency and that goes for the rest of your life, too.  I plan on making sure I am able to continue to care for those around me well for as long as I am able.

With that in mind I am also preparing for another Whole30 in September... with the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) restrictions this time.  I will spend August getting ready to hit the ground running for that.

I hope someone is still out there to share all of this with.  LOL

Do any of you have big plans for a reboot for fall?

I would love to hear from you!

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