August 02, 2016

Murder Comes By Mail by A. H. Gabhart


This is a modern day mystery written by a Christian writer and published through a Christian publishing company.  It is clean in language and presentation but it is not overtly religious.  It is very well written and suitable for all audiences from high school age up.

It opens with a small town deputy sheriff, Michael Keane, doing a favor for his aunt.  He was taking a busload of women from her church to a neighboring town for a performance.  On the drive there a most unexpected event happens.  Keane has to make an emergency stop along the way to talk a suicidal man off a local bridge.  Just shortly after pulling the man back from the brink of suicide against the man's will a simple threat sets things in motion.  Days after the rescue the mystery begins with an envelope that is delivered by mail with photos of a dead girl that no one can identify readily.  Keane is forced to begin his investigation even though it is out of his jurisdiction... an investigation that will, hopefully, save the lives of those closest to him and eventually his own life.  A colorful cast of characters includes a newspaper man, a lawyer friend from Keane's childhood, a feisty aunt and a neighboring police chief and his assistant who all come together to work it out before more people die.  

My Thoughts

This was my first murder mystery to read for review and I was pleasantly surprised at how addictive and enjoyable this book was.  So many quick read mysteries tend to be predictable and cliche but this was not like that at all.  I did figure it out before I got to the end but it kept me surprised and guessing all the way up to the moment I realized who did it!

I really loved the writing.  It was not complicated with lots of new vocabulary words but it was certainly a book I had a hard time putting down.  It was the perfect vacation book for me this summer.  I enjoyed it so much I came home and ordered the first book in the series for my fall reading list.  It is the second book in the series and there is a hint that more are coming in the Michael Keane stories.  I look forward to enjoying those, too.

This book was provided to me free of charge in exchange for a fair and honest read and review.  It was sent to me by the publisher.... Baker's Publishing Revell Division.  I clearly enjoyed it and purchased the first in the series on my own.  LOL  I give this book a solid 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it highly for all those murder mystery friends out there.  It was a great read!

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