August 27, 2016

You Are Forgiven Study... beginning August 29th

I have been leading a group for the Love God Greatly studies for several years now.  I have a FB group that studies and prays together each session.  We have had some ladies leave and some join later throughout our time there but, for the most part, we are still the basic group we started with.

For most of that time we have been downloading the free study guides and reading plans along the way but this session I decided to actually get the book.  I had a little extra in savings I could use on such a splurge so I did.  I don't think I will go without from now on.  The books are great resources and hopefully, will keep me on track a bit more this time through.  I tend to get behind sometimes.

We begin our study on Monday and I am planning on blogging it a bit more than in the past.  I suppose ANY blogging about it would be more at this point.  LOL

If you are looking for a study they usually have great ones.  Another place for study is one hosted over at If:Gathering.... on their If:Equip page.  Jennie Allen started that ministry and it is fantastic.

So, what are you studying this Autumn?

Do you have a local group or do you study online somewhere you want to share with us?

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