September 08, 2016

A Little Topical Reading.... Food Writing

I took some time to go through my books earlier this year.  I cleaned out all of my cookbooks, fiction, nonfiction... all of it.  

This was the recent mountain I climbed before dwindling things down
I have managed to haul over 20 boxes of books out of this house.  

These three pictures are all that is left after the purge.  LOL  I know it is still a lot.  I might do another purge again before Christmas but for now this is the collection of a chef/home cook/foodie

I am trying to clear my life and my brain because, for a very long time, I have neglected writing and blogging about food.  I love doing both of those things and it has been missing in my days for far too long.  

I gathered this little stack for me to work through over the coming months.  
It is a jumping off place for me to get back to doing something I love doing.

I plan to write another 31 day series in October and I think it will be food related for the entire month.

Do you have something you have neglected for far too long?

Is there something you love doing but just don't take time for anymore?

How can you work it back into your life?

Are you, maybe, doing the 31 days of blogging series, too?  If you are please let us know what you are doing when you have a plan!  :)

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