September 24, 2016

Three Like Me...

There were so many I thought about but these wound up being my favorites.

I am most like Frankie Heck.... she is a mom that shares my soul!  She loves her crazy imperfect messy, dysfunctional family but if we take a deeper look they are all so much like so many of us in our own families.  Life is not perfect and bills get paid late and school issues arise and kids bicker.  She lives a life so much like mine from that fictional place.  Watching her life is almost like watching a script of my life that is being played out on screen.  I could swear that they are videotaping my life and writing each episode based on that.  

I am also a lot like Colette.  I thought about Remy but Colette is so much more like me in the kitchen with her instructional ways from an impatient place.  LOL  Being the woman in a professional kitchen full of male egos is very hard and I have been in those kitchens.  I kept going... I still keep going... for the love of great tasting food that nourishes those around me.  Colette was all about making thoughtful delicious food.

As I looked at all of those characters from Downton Abbey I can most relate to the heartbreaks and triumphs of Lady Grantham as she moves through life with children who don't always make decisions she would choose but she loves them through it all anyway.  She is the rock of that family in many ways even though she is living under her husband and his families traditions and ways.  She is the practical American who is not afraid to speak her mind and yet still a lady who wants it all to be proper and  perfect for those who enter her home.  I am often torn between those same emotions.

I also considered Lorelai and Rory Gilmore.... I am really a combination of the two but opted to go a different direction.  If the truth be told I might be a little like Emily Gilmore, too.  That one all bled together for me.  LOL

So, there is a bit of fun for Saturday.... who would you choose for your three fictional characters?

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