October 24, 2016

Another Round of Foodie Tunes.... the Coffee Edition

Oh my goodness I think I was online, cleaning around the house or just reading all weekend and my brain needs a break so you are getting another round of fun tunes about food.  Here are a few fun ones celebrating coffee!  So pour you a cup and enjoy this fully loaded caffeine extravaganza...

 This last one is a joke.... from a comedian who is, in fact, not r*cist at all.... just take it for what is meant please.  My kids, who are also NOT r*cist, shared it with me some time ago.

I hope there is something here for everyone.... from jazz, country, rap, etc....  do you have a coffee song not listed here that you know about?  Please feel free to share a link with me to check it out.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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