October 14, 2016

Chef the Movie - a Review

This is one of my most favorite food movies of all time.  I will mention right up front that it has an R rating but it is for the language right up front but the rest of the movie is very family friendly.  I don't condone such language and believe it should not be used in a professional setting but professional kitchens don't always have people in charge that believe that and they set the tone.

This movie is about a professional chef who worked in a restaurant where there was very little freedom for creative expression.  The owner was not willing to release control of the menu.  When a food critic visits he gives a bad review based on the tired old menu that the owner pushed and the chef took the hit in the review.  

Chef, not being tech savvy, signs up for a twitter account and blasts the critic in what he thought was a private message and it goes viral for all to see.  The critic retaliates and the battle is on.  Long story short the chef's career is shut down and he has to find another way to live.  After years of fighting the idea of a food truck he relents and the adventure with his best friend and son begin.

This movie is about dreams and passions, family and friends, finding joy in what you do.  It is a real feel good movie with lots of yummy food and beautiful scenery along the way.  

If you are in the mood for a foodie movie this one just happens to be on Netflix Watch Now right now, too.  

Warning:  It will make you hungry!  You might want to have some sandwich fixings and a Panini press on hand when you watch it.

Here are a few recipes shared from the movie.

I loved it!  Definitely a 4.5 out of 5 for me.  (language kept it from being a 5)

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