October 29, 2016

Making Soap.... a class with my friend at Farming Grace, again

My friend, Ann Marie makes soap, crocheted soap cozies and little wooden soap holders and sells them from her home and events locally and from her Etsy store online.  I got to enjoy a soapmaking session at her home today.  She turned it into a class and it was so much fun to be a part of it.  I learned so much.

She talked about the kinds of fat that she uses in different kinds of soap.

She showed us how to melt down the fat and let it cool while we went on to make the lye mixture.

This is really mad scientist territory here with the gloves and the goggles and protecting yourself from the lye while working through this process.  LOL

The blending of the lye and the fat was a little like making mayonnaise.  It was a process of blending until it was really more emulsified and more solid.

Ann Marie's husband works with wood and built her soap boxes and cutter for her.  I might have to commission him to make me one, too!  They were beautiful and very finely built.

She loads the boxes and wraps them in a blanket and puts them up for about 12 to 24 hours... 

and then cuts them and packages them for sale.

Check out Farming Grace online and see what she is up to as we approach the holiday season.

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