October 10, 2016

My Autumn Breakfast Hash Recipe

This is my "go to" breakfast for the weekdays.  I make a large batch of it upon the weekend or Monday mornings and have it every morning for breakfast when I have to be out the door for work.  I will talk you through it here with photos if you are interested in making it, too.  It is paleo and gluten free.  I eat it with an egg on top most days.

I use 20 ounces of a ground meat
one medium sweet potato 
(you could also use carrots or butternut squash), 
a large gala apple 
but you can use whatever apply you like, 
 and nutmeg.  
I also add a green vegetable most weeks but don't have that available for today.  
I use spinach or chopped Brussel sprouts typically.

The first thing I do is preheat my cast iron pot that I make it in.  
Never add oil to a cold surface when cooking.  
You want cold oil on a heated surface.  
Here is the pot I use and I am using olive oil for this batch 
but I also use coconut oil when I feel like it, too.

Once your pan is heated and oil is in then you can add your lean ground meat of choice... 
ground turkey, chicken, pork, lamb, buffalo, or whatever you prefer.  
I use 20 ounces for my weekly batch.  Brown your meat...

While the meat is browning I chop the sweet potatoes.  
You see that I use my knife to peel my potatoes 
but if you really prefer a peeler then do that.

I do a smaller cube on mine so they cook really quickly.  
You could also grate them if you like.

Here they are cubed and ready to go in

Once the meat is browned I add the sweet potato.  
I add about 1/2 cup water at this point to kind 
of "steam" the potatoes to cook them faster.

Let that cook and simmer and cut your apple while it cooks.  
Again, cut smaller pieces to cook quickly.  
They soften nicely in this recipe.

Finished apple ready to go in...

Add the apple in and continue to stir and let simmer.

I would then proceed to add the green veg if you are doing that.  
I chop everything into smaller bits to be stirred throughout.

Once all the meat, veg and apple are in then you can add the seasonings.  
I add cinnamon to taste, salt, pepper and then grate some nutmeg in.

I use a really cool little nutmeg grater from Microplane.

Stir and simmer until all the veg and apple are soft and well incorporated.

About 1 cup of the hash is a serving.

I usually cook an egg sunny side up and add it on top for extra protein.

I love that I can cook this ahead and then just warm what I need each morning.  
It is great for batch cooking sessions.  

I hope you will try this one.  
Let me know how it goes if you do.  

Do you have a "go to" breakfast dish you eat often?

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