October 18, 2016

Pear & Apple Autumn Oat Crisp - Gluten Free

I made a dessert for our family meal Sunday.  
I love making Crisps and Crumbles and this time of year 
is always great for finding fresh apples and pears to use in such things.

I bought this book some time ago at Barnes and Noble in the sale racks.  I think I paid about $8.00 for it and it is fabulous!  If you are looking for a good Gluten Free baking book this is a great choice.  It uses basic ingredients for all the recipes so you don't have to have more than a gluten free flour instead of wheat flour.  It is super easy to find gluten free flour these days, too.  I used the Bob's Red Mill Cup4Cup GF flour for this one.  It also has a section in the front with how to make your own blends.

This is the one I chose to do yesterday and I used Bob's Red Mill GF Oats and Cup4Cup Flour.  Anywhere you are told to use a cornstarch you can also use a tapioca starch/flour instead.

So, here is his list of ingredients...

and his instructions...

and here is how I changed it.... 
because I change stuff all the time based on what I have on hand and what I can eat.  LOL

My recipe was doubled from what he made.

5 Bartlett Pears 
4 Granny Smith apples 
peeled and chopped 
and then tossed in sugar (about 1/2 cup to 3/4 cup, 
cinnamon (maybe 1 tsp or a little more if you like),
tapioca starch (1 to 2 TBSP depending on how thick you like the juices)
You could also add some cardamom instead of cinnamon... I think it is really nice in fruit desserts 
you could also add some dried or fresh cranberries or blueberries if you want.

The topping is made from 
 1 cup of GF flour 
1 1/2 cup GF oats 
 1/2 cup chopped pecans, 
a pinch of salt, 
1/2 cup coconut oil instead of butter for my fat.

I did not put any of the oats on the bottom and my dish is well seasoned so it needed no oil to keep it from sticking.

This is how it turned out... a great Autumn dessert for a Sunday dinner occasion or anytime, really.

He has a few videos on YouTube, too

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