October 04, 2016

The Mapmaker's Children by Sarah McCoy - a Review

I must admit that it took me longer to read this one than I ever wanted it to.  I got it back in May and then my life exploded so I apologize for the time it took to get to this one because it is a delightful read and I think many of you would enjoy it, too.  It was a little slow starting it and getting into it but once I did I could not put it down.

This is a book set in two worlds.  It is both an historical fiction and a modern fiction book all in one.  The story focuses on a modern day Eden Anderson and her emotional journey through a past of miscarriage and a struggling marriage.  The historical story focuses on the famed Sarah Brown... daughter of John Brown of Harpers Ferry fame.  Sarah will face a future of infertility and hardship that shapes who she is to become as well.

These two women will share a connection in the form of a hand painted broken doll's head.  The story begins with Eden finding the head in a "secret" root cellar under her new home.  The doll's head takes Eden and her world of characters on a search to know how it got there and who it belonged to.  It leads them back to the time of the Civil War.

The Sarah Brown story is a beautiful fictional rendition of the life of an amazing woman who made a difference or women in history.  I love how Sarah McCoy weaves the two stories together.

I won't give you too much more.  You will need to read it to find out how their stories cross.  I can say that it is not a story tied up in a neat little bow by the end.  It is real people living real lives with real struggles and triumphs.  

The full cast of characters are charming.  The writing is eloquent and very descriptive and detailed.  I would love to read more by Sarah McCoy.  She is a master storyteller!

A few things you will encounter in this book include marriages, family, a lovely old house, new friends and neighbors, a bookstore, a sweet little dog, a cute 4th grader, famous historical figures, lots of yummy food descriptions, a few recipes at the end, a sweet town full of lovely people, art history, American history, and so so much more!  If you love any of these things then check it out.

I enjoyed this book very much and would give it a 4.5 out of 5.

This book was sent to me by Blogging for Books or free in exchange for a free and objective review.

This book is also available through Audible and makes a great trip read.  I picked it up on sale and loved every minute of listening to it on a recent trip, too.

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