October 05, 2016

What in the world is a funeral biscuit?

I shared a book review with you yesterday and in that book, The Map Maker's Children, they mentioned something called Funeral Biscuits.  Well, being a foodie and as much as I love foodie history I could not let that go without knowing what on earth they were talking about.  I decided to dig a little deeper and find out so if you are into food history, too, then here is some more information on such an unusual tradition.

I will leave it to the Great British Bake Off to set us straight...

To read more you can check out these links

The Story of Victorian Funeral Cookies

A Modern Day Version with recipe (AIP and PALEO)

Another twist with a recipe or a more traditional style funeral biscuit

Funeral Cookies:  A Collection of Recipes 
(different traditions around the country for the same idea)

The top image was found on pinterest and there was no reverse image result or other link to let us know  where it came from when looking for the original.  If you come across this and know where it came from feel free to let us know and we will immediately link it to the original source giving full credit and we will also say thank you if you let us keep it up or we will take it down if asked to do so.  We mean no harm in using this graphic of unknown origin.


  1. How fascinating. Thanks for sharing

    1. Certainly! LOL I love the GBBO... wish I could watch all of the seasons here.