October 12, 2016

When you have to use a clothesline you should have a clothespin bag

A non foodie post.... I just had to share.  LOL

Our dryer has been broken for almost 2 months.  We had other expenses so the repair was put on hold until we could afford to call a guy.  This really is not such a big deal because it was easy to put a clothesline up in a pinch.  I did, however, have to go and buy some clothespins because the wind kicks up and things blow off the line around here a lot.  Wooden clothespins are about $1.80 or so at Walmart.  They were not a huge expense.  

I decided to make a bag for the clothespins using scraps I had in the fabric scrap box.  The fabric was leftover from when I recovered the trailer cushions this summer.  I don't think I shared those with you!  I need to do that.  They turned out really cute.  Anyway... outdoor fabric, some leftover velcro and about 10 minutes and this is what I got.  It is not perfect but it does the job.

I liked the idea of closing the bag to keep dirt and bugs out while it was in use on the line and it is easily opened and pinned to use when I need to grab pins out while I load the line.

See... open...

and closed

and the line

I am considering installing a permanent line now because I really love the way my stuff smells when it comes off the line.  The crunchy towels remind me of my grandmother's line in her backyard.  I can picture her bathroom cabinets full of freshly line dried towels and washcloths and her sheets were always stiff and fresh smelling.  I used to love roaming around through the sheets and towels when I was a kid, too, hiding from my brothers of course!


  1. I love linens fresh off the line (lines our condo association does not allow...when I was a kid, my mom would dry clothes on the line in our basement in winter).

    What I hated, though, was the way the bottoms of sweaters would be all stretched out. I think my mom did it on purpose - she'd hang everything from the bottom, pulling the bottom of the sweaters from side to side. My entire growing up I never had a non-stretched sweater, nor a pair of jeans with an intact zipper pull (wringer washer).

  2. I never hang sweaters on the line.... always lay flat to dry. LOL My grandmother would lay them on top of the washer to dry. Those wringer washers were brutal!