November 04, 2016

Beep Beep, Beep Beep Yeah!

Oh my goodness.... I spent the entire day driving around in my car today!  

Tuesdays and Thursdays are such long days but today had an added trip up to NMSU to go and pick up tickets for a band event this weekend.  That drive is about a 45 minute trip one way.  I headed to work first thing and then left from there around 10:30 am to head north.  I acquired the 200 tickets for our band families but while I was parked (literally 10 minutes) I got a ticket for not having a sticker because I am not a student and, well... if you are not a student you would not have a sticker now would you.  

I had to immediately head over to the parking office and explain why I was there and why I should not have to pay that ticket and then they made me fill out a paper to get it "expunged" from my record.  In the process of getting it taken off they realized I did not have a record to expunge it from so they made me fill out another form to register to park on campus for free and then told me how to come by and get a pass when I do come on campus.  The whole thing was a bit of a joke but I appeased the god of campus police and now I know how to avoid any future tickets.  Plus I got a campus map for free, too.  LOL

Once I finally got off campus I headed straight for my favorite bookstore.  I frequent Coas Books when I am in Las Cruces.  It is a used bookstore with two branches in town and one of those branches is close to NMSU.  I had five boxes of books in the back of my car to deliver for store credit and I brought 9 home with me when I left the store.  Not bad.... here is my book haul!

I went a little crazy on the Adriana Trigiani books but I loved the movie Big Stone Gap so I am trying them.  I also bought a book because it had a cute foodie picture and the word Gumbo in the title.  I have no idea how I will like it but it intrigued me so it came home with me. LOL  There is the tried and true Erica Bauermeister that I have read a book by and I know I love her stuff.  The book Dune is for my college girl and then Longbourn is just a highly recommended book by friends.  I love a good book haul!  Oh, and I paid.... ONLY $12.72 FOR THE WHOLE STACK!  Hurrah for credit!

From the bookstore I headed back home to sort tickets and then deliver them to the school for distribution.  It is my thing every fall now I suppose.  I don't load equipment or do chaperoning or offer my cooking services much and lately I don't even frequent the ballgames or most of the contests on Saturdays.  I make sure they have tickets for the big event of the season and that is it.  It is a quiet little job that affords me a small road trip and a bookstore run.  If I had had more time and cash there would have been yarn involved, too.

I also picked up stuff to make lots of pear canned goodies from and for a friend.  We are going "halves" on the final product.  She bought all the ingredients and jars and brought me the recipes she likes best and I am doing all the processing and then we share the final cans of goodies.  The pears are all from trees on her property.  I will share pictures and process when I am done so you can see everything.  

Reading any good books right now you might want to recommend?

How about canning.... do you can?  

If you do are you working on some seasonal stuff right now?

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  1. The only reading I've done is my lunchtime rereading of The Song of Fire and Ice, and I'm almost done with book five. Ol' George R.R. better chain himself to his computer to finish up book 6.

    The seasonal stuff is the commissioned "Walking Dead" quilt for my cousin. I should be able to layer it, and God willing, quilt most of it this weekend. I'm planning to make 2017 the year of quilting for *me*, but I have a number of things to crank out first.