November 03, 2016

Projects I have been working on.... food and yarn stuff

Just thought I would share some creative goodness...

I made pumpkin butter using this recipe.  It was super simple and I boiled my jars to seal them once it was made so this can sit on the shelf a little longer but I did wind up giving most of it away.  I am making another batch next week.

I have also been working on gift stuff.  I made these wrist warmers and I actually made a set of boot cuffs to go with the purple ones.  I plan to do some for the green, too, and have a blue set on my hook right now for my college girl.

This is the pattern for both the wrist and boot cuff set.

This is going to be one of those oversized super scarves when I am done.... I am doing my own thing with it.  I chained 30 then double crocheted into the second stitch going the other direction and crocheted into both loops with 28 double crochet stitches... chained two and turned and went back.  28 double stitches per row until I run out of yarn basically.  LOL  I plan to do fringe when I am done with a variety of matching single color yarns.  I am using Lion Brand Homespun yarn in Corinthian color.  I will share when I get done.

Any of you yarn people working on crochet or knitting projects?

Are you making plans for making some Christmas gifts this year?

Feel free to share in the comments if you can without giving spoilers to your gift recipients.

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