February 01, 2017

Can I Have a Do Over?

I missed it... 

I totally missed the whole New Year hoopla of setting goals, making plans, lists and all that comes with a new year.  

I spent it, instead, flat on my back in pain for a week with muscle spasms.  LOL  
I am much better now but the healing time was longer than I anticipated.

It's ok.... I am ok with that because we just had the Chinese New Year this past weekend.  
New Year 2017 is saved!  

I have come to the conclusion, over the last several years, that plans and goals should be ongoing year round and I can start and stop anything I want anytime I want.

So, enter a new plan... starting in February!

I am taking some time off of social media.... 
Facebook specifically, for the month of February so I can do the following.  I am, however, going to be here.  I like my blog... it is a happy place for me.

For 2017... 
The details are in my Bullet Journal so this is the overview version.

1.   Read more... 2 to 3 books per month is the goal.

2.   Write more... blog more often here plus restart Morning Pages and work on a few short stories this year to practice writing fiction more in preparation for the NaNoWriMo 2017 challenge.

3.  Memorize more scripture

4.  Refine the diet more to be AIP compliant and gluten free completely... no cheating.

5.  Walk 4 days a week (or more but let's start there)

6.  More crochet and sewing and get the Etsy shop back up and running.

7.  More canning

8.  Picking up the Korean language study again.

9.  Learn to play this ukulele sitting in the closet.

10.  Reduce the stuff in my house more than I did last year.  It is an ongoing process...  

11.  Take a class in photography and play way more with my camera this year.

12.  Control the technology monster!

That will get me started.

Anybody else doing a reboot in February or maybe doing what 
I am doing and just kicking things off a month late?

What is something big you are tackling this year?

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