February 02, 2017

Day One of No Facebook...

It never ceases to amaze me that I go for weeks at a time with no substantial private messages and the day I decide to take a month off I got FOUR!  LOL  That means I went on FB but I did not do anything more than find a video my daughter asked for and answer the four private messages.  

I also spent a few minutes looking for a way to get the private messages without actually going on FB and I figured it out!  Woohoo!!!  You simply go to www.messenger.com and sign in and then you can add notifications to your PC and voila... no more FB checking!  

I did spend some time on Pinterest and Instagram today looking at some bullet journal stuff to inspire me as I am jump starting my BuJo daily use.  

Other stuff I got done today (Feb. 1st) include but are not limited to...

Two loads of laundry
Menu planning
Sam's Club run
Some writing including edits on a book review
Started Leviticus (finished Genesis and Exodus in January)
Started gathering stuff for a birthday box for the girlie
Answered a bunch of e-mail

Oh, I discovered a new tea I really like, too...

No one else is off FB in my house so I did have the question..... "Did you see what (insert random poster's name here) posted?"  To which I answered.... "Nope.... and I won't until March."  LOL

I did decide that I will continue to send Instagram posts to FB but I don't have to go there to do that.  I had a request for happy posts from afar so that is my solution.  LOL

February 2nd will contain WAY less computer tasks as I go to work and then have the afternoon set aside for reading and dinner prep... there will be lasagna.  I miss my girlie. (she loves lasagna)

So, that is what is happening from my little corner of the world today... boring... simple.... I loved every minute of it!


  1. I'm spending more time on my "happy pages" on FB - the two quilting challenges I'm in have pages with lots of pretty pictures of finished and in-progress progress. Trying to find the happy balance between being informed and having my blood pressure rise. Not easy.

    1. It is a delicate balance indeed! I am still keeping up on current events and such but it through chosen news programming on the radio instead of all the FB mean op ed as of late. I am glad you stopped by... I love hearing from you!

  2. 💜I feel much better to know that I will still hear about your activities, that you will be sharing informational stuff and still inspiring all of us. 💜