February 01, 2017

Where Two Hearts Meet by Liz Johnson

A sweet Christian romance (not overly preachy) just in time for Valentine's Day!

This book is the second in the Prince Edward Island Dreams series by Liz Johnson.  I shared the first one, The Red Door Inn, with you guys a little less than a year ago.... here.

Continuing the story of the inn Marie and her new husband, Seth, have hired a local baker, Caden.  Caden is also a sweet friend to Marie.  She is hired to run the breakfast part of the new bed and breakfast.  Caden is a local resident who grew up on the island.  Her family owns the local bakery and Caden worked as her father's assistant there until Marie hired her.

The story opens with Caden making her locally famous cinnamon rolls.  A stranger, named Adam, shows up at the kitchen door that morning as she is working.  He seems to be a day early for his reservation at the inn.  There is not one room available for him but Marie offers him a roll away bed in a storage closet.  He had no choice because everything else in town was full also.  He gladly takes the option until he can get into his regular room the next day.  As the story moves forward we find out that Adam is a freelance writer with some secrets in his past.  His editor has sent him to the island for a mandatory vacation following a particularly trying assignment.  Adam does not realize right away that his editor has an ulterior motive in sending him to this particular inn.  As Adam's story unfolds Marie and her husband Seth are dealing with more trouble from Marie's father (see the review from her first book).  In the midst of all of this the inn is struggling with some unexpected financial issues, Caden is battling her own confidence issues, a variety of guests bring their own stories into the mix and there is the ever present community full of colorful local characters  A surprise call comes letting Marie know that a travel writer will be doing a surprise visit and possibly giving them a great write up in a popular travel magazine with the chance to be on the cover.  The summer is not dull as people are in and out of the inn with an element of confusion ensuing.  To top it all off Caden's nemesis, Bethany... a professionally trained chef from Toronto and former classmate, arrives in town just as a local lobster cook-off is coming up.  Let the crazy summer adventure begin!

The story is very foodie friendly with all the delicious things that come from that B&B kitchen.  Caden's story is full of food and cooking adventures and I really loved that aspect as a foodie.

It is a sweet story and it kept me guessing all the way through about how all the loose ends would be tied up at the end.  I loved Caden.... she reminded me a  lot of Sookie from Gilmore Girls and I adore Sookie!

The other two books in the series.... 

The Red Door Inn - Book 1

On Love's Gentle Shore - Book 3 
coming July 4, 2017

Learn more about Liz Johnson on her website.

This book was sent to me free of charge by Baker Publishing Group's Revell division in exchange for an honest read and review.

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