March 01, 2017

Preparing for the church season of Lent

To begin with I am not Catholic....  There is a large Catholic community here that observe this season.  I have been asked the question for many years about what I would be giving up for the season so that started my journey to know more about Lent.

I am a protestant pastor's wife in the Southern Baptist tradition.

We don't do Lent in the traditional manner with Ash Wednesday and fish on Fridays and such.  Lent is something I came to terms with as an adult so I don't tend to be traditional in my approach.  I don't celebrate or observe it out of any obligation but more out of a respect for how it can focus our thoughts on the coming Resurrection Sunday observance.  It is the biggest day in the Christian list of observed holidays.  

Some years I give something up and some years I add a new habit or goal to work through.  I am currently reading the Bible through again this year in the NASB translation.  I have completed Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and will complete Deuteronomy by the second week of March.  I decided on a list of three things this year that I will focus on.

Over the forty days of Lent I will...

1.  Give up clutter  
I am taking the challenge of 40 Bags in 40 Days and will be cleaning and clearing my home of one bag of trash, giveaway or donate items, or boxes of books per day.

2.  Read a book per week 
chosen from this stack of books.... I am starting with the Prayer 101 by Warren Weirsbe.

3.   Focus on healthier eating
trying some new recipes each week and working through some new menu planning to get back on track with my eating.  I am moving back toward a more paleo way of eating... with the exception of potatoes and rice and maybe the odd bowl of granola from time to time.  

I have added a daily green smoothie to the morning routine.  

I have reestablished my nutritional supplement routine, too.

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