May 08, 2017

May Photo Challenge... in progress

I started the month with this challenge... it is a two year old challenge that was for competition purposes but I just liked it so I decided to do it for myself.  I am one day behind because I was in travel mode.  I am hoping to work through the list at my leisure instead of being strict with days at this point.  Want to see days 1-7?  Head over to my Instagram and friend me, if you have not already, to see all my photography endeavors.  I think Instagram might be my favorite Social Media outlet because I love all of the creative photos without all the chatter of Facebook.  It is truly a happy place online for me these days.  

Are you an amateur photographer, take photos of your sewing, crochet, artwork etc... too?  

Do you share your creative work online?  

Leave a link in the comments so we can all have a gander 

(keep it clean, though... no inappropriate photo linking please... 
you will be deleted and blocked from this blog)

You can see more photo and other crafting classes and mini challenges from Craftsy at their site.

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