June 30, 2017

Bullet Journal Photos...

I have had a request for some bullet journal pages I use.  I thought I would just share a few pictures and comment on each one just a bit for you guys.  Above are some basic supplies I use every month.  I usually choose two colors to use consistently for the month.  June was pink and green.  July will be red and blue.  If I have fun sticker or washi tape on hand I will definitely utilize it to cover up mistakes or just to spice up a page.  Washi tape is also good for making a page easy to find.  I washi tape the top corners of all the main calendar pages so I can find them quickly.

This is the July spread I just did... this was before I put any dates on it so it is nice and clean.  It won't stay that way long.

I read the Bible through every year.  This is the place I cross out the books as I finish them and can get a quick overview of what I have left.

This is called a future log.  I finally got on board with doing one with my new journal I just started.  As I migrated over from the old one this went in first so I can put in dates that I don't have a calendar page ready for yet.  This is a lifesaver!  Now, when I do a new month I just head here and put in the set dates for appointments and school schedules first.

This is the June spread... see... messy and full of stuff from our life for the past month.  This one was certainly not as messy as some months.  Note that I don't have a key... a key does not really help me much... at least not at this point.  I might eventually add it but it is time consuming right now for me.

I take notes in my BuJo... I write daily to do lists and plans and I keep track of stuff I am doing.  This particular spread has notes and a tracker for what books I am reading right now.  I read more books when I do this.  Funny how that works.  LOL

This is what a week looks like.... on the left is my schedule and next to that is my to do list.  On the righthand side is my menu plan for the week and my grocery list.  This works brilliantly for me.  It does not need to be fancier than this for me.  I don't need to know moon cycles or weather patterns.  It is hot... no rain... and then the same again tomorrow here.  We live in the desert!

These are notes I took from a youtube speaker I watch regularly on vlogging... I am learning... it will happen!

This is a list of some items my college girl is learning to cook this summer.  I need to mark off what we have covered but I am a list maker and this is just one example of that.

I am also attempting to do a photo challenge again for July.  This may or may not be complete but the reminder will help.

I do habit trackers...

Here is the July book tracker and a fun quote I randomly throw in from time to time to fill a page or just to remember.  I also do this with scripture for memory work.

Just some simple photos of what my bullet journal looks like a little bit.  Hope this is helpful to those interested in the process.

Do you use one?

Do you have any pages in yours that you do not see here that you want to tell us about?

Leave a comment below and share your BuJo journey with us!


  1. Anonymous2:20 PM

    Thanks so much for sharing!! I love your weekly spread with menu and grocery list. I started a habit tracker in my month at a glance calendar, but it's not ideal. I also love the Murakami quote. I, too, put quotes and memory verses in my free spaces of my current calendar. Yep, I think the bullet journal is going to take over and replace my current calendar and notebooks, perhaps sooner than expected. Thanks for letting me pick your brain!

  2. Anonymous4:56 PM

    I love looking at other's bujo for inspiration! I created a habit tracker for June but things were so insane this month that I barely used it. I'm hoping it will be more effective for July. I hadn't thought to track books I'm reading by the chapter. Mulling that idea over for July. - Stephanie Kay