July 20, 2017

You Have Just Entered the READING Zone...

Vacation, for us, is almost over.  I think we have about a week and a half before the routine starts back up with band rehearsal and getting a girl ready to go back to college.  We are headed into back to school mode very quickly.  I am trying to squeeze the last bit of luxurious laziness out of what is left of our days.  

This particular weekend there happens to be a 24 in 48 hour readathon.   I have signed up and have two books that I need to work through before I make the August TBR.  Check out the website link above for more details.  I will try to post my plan tomorrow here.  I hope you can join us!

The photo above is from the 24in48 website and organizers.  

There is also a week long BookTubeathon starting Monday the 24th.  Check out the following for all the fun things they have planned.

Here is a link to the video challenges for 2017


  1. I signed up, but realized I have a boatload of other stuff that needs doing this weekend. I may start early - tonight - just to get some sort of start. Haven't actually made a book list. I know I wanted to read a couple of the books on writing, but I'm in the middle of two other non-fiction books - Sophie Hudson's (BooMama) book on mentoring, and a book from one of the professors I took a free on-line course with on "learning to learn." That one is about people who have made huge career shifts. I'm thinking finishing both of those would be a better use of the time.

    1. I am starting early, too. Sundays are just crazy busy for us and I know I won't read much then. My "in progress" books are my focus for the weekend. I will put up a picture. I would be delighted just to make a huge dent in two of them but there will be more in my stack. LOL